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Basic Knowledge About Multifunction Flatbed Printer,which will answer you many question that you want to know.

Q:What is flatbed printer?

A:Flatbed Printer is a kind of inkjet printer which can print on almost all kind of materials,such as plastic,metal,acrylic,glass,wood,stone,tile,leather,fabric etc.


Q:Do this printer need pre-treated and coating?

A:It depends on the ink that you use,we need spray coating for some special materials,such as metal,glass.


Q:What kind of ink flatbed printer use?

A:Usually we use 3 kinds of ink,Eco solvent ink,Textile Ink,Edible ink.


Q:What kinds of ink that i should use?

A:For different materials we use different ink.

Eco Solvent ink:Plastic,Metal,glass,wood,tile,stone,leather,acrylic etc/

Textile ink:Fabric and garments

Food:Edible ink


Q:Does it need pretreat before printing?

A:Some materials like metal,glass,we need spray coating before printing


Q:Why need coating?

A:For materials like metal,glass,we need coating,the ink can print on metal and glass,but it will be peeled off easily,so we need to spray coatng,which will let it with well adsorbability


Q:Is this printer easy to use?

A:The operate is simple,and we will send you guide video and user manual,so it's an easy job for everybody


Q:What kind of software that this printer use?and what kind of software that it comes with?

A:You can use normal Coredraw and Adobe Photoshop,Use coredraw to edit the picture and use photoshop to make printing,for some printer,we give free Acro Rip8.1,But it's not original version,but the function is almost the same with original one.


Q:What should i buy for this printer?

A:Except this full set printer,you just need to buy some ink and cleaning liquid,you can start to use.


Q:Why the ink can't be shipped together with printer?

A:The printer is normal product,but the ink is chemical liquid,now i give you an example:

If the packge weight of the printer is 50KG, Shipping cost:USD10/KG;

If you order 1KG ink,The shipping cost is USD50(to USA),USD50/KG(Just an example)


So now when we want to ship the product,we have two solutions,send the two parcels individual or send them together,

If send individual,the shipping cost should be:Total Shipping cost=50KG*USD5010+USD50*1KG=USD550

If send together,the shipping cost should be:Total Shipping cost=USD50*51KG=USD2550

Which means that if send together,they will think the parcel is all chemical liquid,the shipping cost will raise a lot,this is the reason why we need to send them individual.


Q:How about warranty?and how you provide warranty service?

A:All the printer comes with 12 months warranty,not including printer head,ink pump, CISS and human reason.

If your printer get problem in warranty,firstly our engineer will guide to find the problem,and we will send you spare parts and you replace it with the help of our engineer;if you think it's difficult,you can send it back and we repair it for you,bu you need to bear the shipping cost.

Please read it before make purchase,we don't want to make you confused,we just want to let you know all details that you want


1. Multifunction Flatbed Printer can print on any materials,but it don't means that you can print on any materials directly


2. There are no universal ink for all materials,we use different ink as our request:

    Eco solvent ink:Plastic,Leather,Metal,Glass,Acrylic,Tile,Wood,Stone,etc.

    Textile ink:Only print on fabric


3. Does it mean i can print on all materials with this printer?We can say:"It's true,it can",but as a responsible seller,we should let you know in advance,The  pinter can use two different ink,but we don't advise you to change ink,because the step of change ink is complicated and need patience,if you don't clean the nozzle well,and use another ink,your printer head will get forever clgged,which means that you will lose one printer head(A4:USD120/Set,A3:USD150/Set).


4. Can i print on all materials directly?If you use eco solvent ink,it only can print on plastic,acrylic and leather,For Metal,glass,tpu,stone,wood,we need pretreatment,or the image will easy to be peel off.If you use textile ink,you can directly printing on textile