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Multifunction Digital Flatbed Printer Come to our life
A brief overview of Flatbed printers

Flatbed printer is used for the reproduction of digital images. The inkjet printing is 
used on paperboard or plastic and on a variety of base like the photographic paper, 
film, cloth and other materials. The ink that is used in the flatbed digital printer 
is made of acrylic monomers. This is further exposed to strong UV light for curing and 
polymerizing. This method allows for printing on an extensive variety of surfaces such 
as metal or wood, carpet, tile, and even glass. The bendable printing bed makes it 
probable to print on surfaces ranging in thickness from a sheet of paper often up to as 
much as several inches. The flatbed printer is used for commercial applications such as 
event signage and retail work. This can work as an alternate to screen-printing and is 
better actually. In flatbed printer, shorter runs of signs are produced economically 
since no prints on silkscreen are produced. Environmentally, flatbed digital printing 
is based on a more sustainable system than its commercial predecessor of solvent printing 
as it produces fewer waste cartridges and less indoor air pollution.

Advantages of a flatbed printer
The flatbed printer is 
Capable of high-precision digital flatbed printing
Can be printed on any base from the smallest panel, through roll material to oversize media
High performing vacuum system
Keeps heat-sensitive substrates under control
Energy Efficient

Flatbed Price
The versatile flatbed printer is priced according to the different properties each of the 
printing machines has. On an average, these printers are priced from 15,000 and ranges up 
to 35,000. The difference of price is mainly because of the quality of the print, the vacuum 
system, and the quality of heat sensitive control and the energy efficiency of each printer. 
A flatbed printer is common, but when flatbed is geared with ADF, the price varies. Similar 
is the case when the printer is a flatbed color printer.

One of the most advanced technologies is used for operating the flatbed printers. The best 
part is that it can be used for commercial as well as industrial purpose. The range of 
variety on which the printer works, makes it even more competent.

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