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Lets Know more about Sublimation Printer
Sublimation Printers and its Features

If you need a full color customized product a sublimation printer can help you to create one. It was discovered since a 
pretty long time but came to be heard in general just recently. The printing process of a Sublimation Printer includes 
transferring of dye to the material of the medium through heat. Since the transition of the dye occurs directly from the 
solid state to the gaseous state the process is called sublimation. The three ingredients that are used in this are heat, 
ink, and pressure.

There are quite a number of sublimation printers in the consumer as well as professional field. They are used to produce 
ID cards, photographic prints and so on. A quality photo lab pictures can now be available at home if you have a 
sublimation printer. As the Printers are becoming cheaper digital camera owners are now inclined to possess a Sublimation 
Printer. It is not like an inkjet printer where the colors are laid in form of individual dots. These dots can be made out
from close and the picture lacks the realistic effect.

A transparent film made into a long roll is set inside the printer. It is stuck together on both ends and the sheets of the
 film resemble colored cellophane. Solid dye of the four base printing colors is implanted in the film. As the print head 
passes over the film its heated head makes the dye to vaporize and seep into the paper surface before retaining its solid 

Thus, we find that transfer of heat plays an important role in a Sublimation Printer. The color that vaporizes infuses into
 the paper surface gives a gentle gradation effect at the pixel edgings. The ink is trapped inside and produces a silky 
smooth image. Whereas there are distinct marking lines found separating the dye and the paper as are created by inkjets.  
The color also has less chance of fading with time as because the Printer allows it to permeate through paper. License plates,
 mugs, all are result of sublimation printing. It is not just printing and the process involves technical expertise.