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Individuality Phone Case Printing Shop

The most clients who order flatbed printer is for printing phone case etc.,because now the market of phone case is really very good,everybody will have more than 1 pcs of mobile phone,also a different customized phone case which not only protection their loved phone from damaged,but also it can show their individuality,show their difference with others,with the develop of our society,the more needs in this area.So some clients will want to know what's the cost if i just start for a shop,for start business,the printer cost depends on your request,for directly printing machine,we have A4-A1 Size,Semi-automatic and full automatic Full Smart Printer,also we have very good quality UV Printer.

If you want the lowest cost for start,A4 Size Flatbed Printer will be the best choice,the price is From USD900-USD2000,price which depends on the automatic grade.But as a responsible seller,we should let you know the basic information before invest our printer,1)For flatbed printer,it can use Eco solvent ink,or Textile ink,Eco solvent ink for printing on plastic,pvc,leather,glass,metal,wood,stone,acrylic,tile;Textile ink just for printing t-shirt.,2)If you want to changing ink from eco solvent ink to textile ink,or from textile ink to eco solvent ink,you must need to clean the nozzles by manual carefully,or the printer head will be clogged forever,that's the reason why we don't advise client to changing ink.,3)Most materials will need pre-coating,only a few of plastic and leather can be printed directly,even though we can print directly on the plastic and leather,but sometime the image maybe removed easy,if so,we advise you apply coating before printing,we have coating in stock,please contact with us for more informations.,4)If use textile ink,we don't advise clients to use white ink with 6 color printer,because of the printer head of 6 color printer is too thin,the white ink will clog the nozzles usually,it will make the maintainence more difficult.5)If use flatbed printer with eco solvent ink,we just can print on light color materials,for there are no white eco solvent ink in the market.


Advise some good printers for printing phone case:


Good quality and economical cost,suit for the those who just start business and save cost,but the disadvantage is the operation,it's not very easy to adjust the print height


Full automatic,Good quality,easy for adjust the tray height.


Directly printing on pc,pu,tpu,eva,leather,works with special eco solvent ink,the ink cost is not cheap


A3 Full Automatic uv printer,directly printing on any materials except textile,no need coating,fast print,fast dry,embossed effect,also can print white color.