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How to make your uv printer use longer
Sometimes your UV flatbed machine always " trouble " is not the quality of equipment problems that may be caused by improper use of your daily operations of . So you buy a new UV flatbed machine before starting to use, you must read the instructions say that the . If no note in the printing process can occur one way or another failure, brought us a lot of trouble. What are some things that are not desirable for it?
1 , turn off the UV flatbed machine before pulling power .
Before UV flatbed machine does not use or move , to do the work of the permanent power , turn off the UV flatbed machine power ( if any ) , so that the ink nozzles reset and the lid, and then unplug the power cord and signal lines. Prevent ink evaporation, is not easily damaged when moving the nozzle .
2 , avoid stress on UV flatbed machine .
Some people are often placed in a UV flatbed machine above and other objects , which may be crushed shell UV flatbed machine , some small things will fall inside the printer. Of course , all drinks and cup ban products .
3 , horizontal table placed UV flatbed machine .
Because of the way UV flatbed machine itself, the place where the printer must be horizontal , inclined to work will not only affect print quality , slow down the speed of the nozzle to work , but will damage the internal mechanical structure . UV flatbed machine not on the floor , especially carpeted floor , it is likely to have foreign objects or dust from flying into the interior of the machine .
4 , timely maintenance UV flatbed machine .
If UV flatbed machine at work is always no ink , that is using the printer comes with a program to clean the print head is also invalid, this phenomenon is likely to be UV flatbed machine nozzle or orifice clogged up, of course, can not be ruled out printing problems even cable inside the printer circuit boards. If the fault is printed or spray nozzle holes through random cleaning procedures can not officially allowed to work , then I suggest that you better not do it yourself , free maintenance for its demolition , Penda effect otherwise the printer will be seriously impact , the correct approach is timely to ask local technical service center technicians repair.
5 , timely cleaning UV flatbed machine .
UV flatbed machine as external and internal , should be cleaned regularly , do not wait filled with a thick layer of dust , only to remedy a problem . External UV flatbed machine can be used wet a soft cloth to wipe clean the liquid must be neutral substances such as water , must not use alcohol . Internal try to wipe with a dry cloth , but can not touch the internal electronic components, mechanical devices.