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How to solve the problem of CISS from UV Printer

CISS has been working properly for months , and now can not print. A day before the normal print commands to be executed many times before cleaning . There are always printed the test line disconnection is not fixed . Test line started printing normal, but appeared in print a few pages after the break . Print always missing one color ( usually black ) cartridges on external low for a long time , and now not into ink inking the pipeline .

Symptoms are due to the above UV flatbed machine ink cartridge bubble period. CISS six months after use , from a small amount of ink in the accumulation of tiny air bubbles and a small amount of air bubbles into the print cartridge from the print head , the ink will gradually bubble . Maintenance of way is not complicated , taking these bubbles replace it with a normal ink can be.
Erroneously lowered the external cartridge ink chamber will also accelerate the formation of bubbles , even when using the original cartridge EPSON CISS , the same will happen over failure. Exclude this fault , follow these steps:

1, the CISS from UV flatbed machine removed, after the removal , the print cartridges do not upside down , to be placed in the same level with the external surface of the cartridge . If you are using in the early installation of the sealing plug , insert sealing plug is inserted into the mouth of each of the ink cartridges bottom. For models with memory chips on the cartridges EPSON late production , due to the ink supply port is equipped with a valve , so no sealing plug . Installation of a new or EPSON original cartridges are used on the printer , the cartridge must be unopened vias , not inject ink too , labels undamaged original cartridges , genuine EPSON ink cartridges in the original test to ensure correct test results this step is essential.

2, UV flatbed printing ink vehicle homing machine , the printer will perform naturally cleaned once , run a nozzle check print test line. You can then repeat the cleaning and test print lines three times, until the test line is completely normal. Then print four-color or six-color color test chart ( depending on your model, the print settings in 360DPI / plain paper mode ) , color test pattern must be continuous printing of 3 to 5 , while observing whether the printer is working properly. If you are experiencing abnormal , repeat the above steps. If, after nine to 12 times the cleaning , the printer is still not working properly, allowing the printer to rest 12 hours before testing. In most cases the printer can be restored to normal.
When the color test chart UV flatbed printing machine stable and normal , you can make sure your printer head is intact . Once the results of your UV flatbed machine is the normal conclusion , we can continue with the following steps to maintain your CISS .